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Alabama Chanin’s manufacturing division, Bldg. 14, is producing high-quality, reusable non-medical grade masks for healthcare providers, public servants, patients, families, and individuals during COVID-19.

Reusable Non-Medical Grade Face Masks

Our Reusable Non-Medical Grade Face Masks are made from double-layered, 100% Organic Cotton. The tight weave of this durable cotton creates a semi-impermeable fabrication that provides protection and breathability. An interior pocket is also sewn inside to offer an opportunity to insert filters to create another barrier for further protection. These masks are washable and reusable, and designed to meet the medical standards for COVID-19 medical providers in an effort to support the prevention of this disease.



  • High-Quality, 100% Organic Cotton (tight weave, double-layered)
  • Washable, Reusable, and Sustainable
  • Durable, Long-life Fabrication and Construction Quality
  • Interior Pocket for Filter Insert
  • Available in a Range of Colors
  • Wash Before Wearing


Alabama Chanin continues to prioritize safety and excellence in all manners of responsible production operations. All of our masks are thoroughly inspected before delivery. Our sewing team members receive daily temperature checks and wear masks and uniforms that do not leave the building and are laundered daily. Our sewing teams also follow the daily routines of sanitation for all materials and tools. Sewing machines placement and our team members abide by a safe, 6-foot operating distance. We care about our team, their safety, and providing the best replacement masks to medical providers so that they can feel confident in wearing them while treating patients.


We are accepting donations to support our ongoing production, as we strive to meet as many local needs as possible. We are supplying these high-quality masks to regional facilities and organizations under financial strain that may otherwise not be able to afford additional resources. Donations and order sponsorships will go directly to the cost of materials and labor used to produce these masks.